Sports & Exercise Without Supplementation is Suicide


From athletes to people that work out, people are losing their lives unnecessarily or cutting their athletic careers short unnecessarily. WHY????? Let’s talk about sweat! Many doctors and chemistry journals began to study sweat; at first, they thought that it was salt and water, but later learned through many studies that sweat contains everything that is in your blood and if you do not replace it, you will cut your career or life short.


According to Nobel Prize Nominee Dr. Joel Wallach, as you sweat, the primary purpose is to cool your body but you also are losing nutrients (amino acids, vitamins, major minerals, electrolytes and more) and if you do not put those nutrients back into your body, your body is susceptible to breaking down on you and possibly an early death. One of the things that Dr. Wallach recommends is Rebound which has 100 nutrients in it opposed to other drinks such as gatorade which only has 3-4 nutrients or powerade which only has 6-7 nutrients or the Healthy Body  for maximum performance.

When you are not supplementing, your body can’t keep up and eventually shuts down. It’s just like your car, if you don’t get your oil changed, it will slow down the performance of your car and at some point will stop running completely. Not only do the vitamins and minerals help replenish what you sweat out, it keeps your body stay strong and if you do get an injury, because your body has what it needs, it will recover much faster. When your body has the right vitamins, minerals and nutrition it has the power to heal itself and recover from injuries in record time.